Good Morning, Sunshine


It’s been a long time since AG has been to a movie where she laughed, she cried, clapped and she thought it was worth the $10.50 they steal from the poor to support the Hollywood elite. OK, AG didn’t pay that much because after all, AG loves a bargain and had discounted passes. Coupons are a way of giving the establishment the middle finger. But we digress…

AG and UC saw Little Miss Sunshine tonight. It is a moving and laugh out loud story of a dysfunctional family that like many others want only for their children to be happy. The plot revolves around 7-year-old, Olive Hoover, a chubby and precocious child who is afforded an opportunity to be in the Miss Sunshine Contest in Redondo Beach, California. Her family who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico must drive her there. However, her supportive mother who holds the family together must talk her failing motivational speaker father into driving the stick shift 1970s VW van to California in two days. Along for the ride is her brother, Dwayne, who has taken a vow of silence for Nietzsche while he sports a clever t-shirt about Jesus, riding alongside of coke head grandfather who instructs Dwayne to “fuck a lot of women while he’s still young”. Riding next to Olive is Uncle Frank who cannot be left alone because he tried to commit suicide after losing his title of ‘Foremost Proust Scholar’ to his colleague and boyfriend stealer. What transpires along the road trip is a story of love, family, life and loss. It is a four out of four star movie.

It’s worth going to see on the big screen to laugh along with others.


17 Responses to “Good Morning, Sunshine”

  1. dasc Says:

    I spent all my hard earned movie ticket money on ‘Snakes On A Plane’. Half way through the movie the sound started clicking and popping for a good 20 minutes. Some geek with a walkie talkie wandered through so I know the theater knew about the problem. After I complained to some 15 year old who was the manager and claimed he didn’t know about any problems. I made him give me passes anyway. The last movie I saw at the establishment was ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’ which lost the last 10 minutes of sound outright. They were out front with free passes right away but I made them give me my money back instead.

    I’ll stick with my 96 inch 5.1 surround home theater.

  2. glenda Says:

    Saw the trailer for this while at the Pirates of the Caribbean last week. Looked goofy and funny in that dysfunctional family kind of way. Thanks for the tip of the hat.

  3. mdhatter Says:

    “Coupons are a way of giving the establishment the middle finger.”

    Maybe, but the a) telphone company ads, b) car ads , and c) any other ads that are not for other movies, popcorn/candy, or post-movie waste disposal are the establishments way of saying “no, you eat it, AG”.

    Maybe if Acura gave me a free ticket to the movie i’d be cool with it, and they’d be eating it, or at least we’d be square… but short of that you’re paying for the priveledge of seeing advertising, and that is backwards.

    I’m the one who hollers “what, is this cable?” and “oh boy, 9 dollars to watch ad’s” during that part of the non-art house experience.

    It’s like wearing an ‘abercrombie’ shirt…. that you paid for. It makes you a walking billboard for mediocre clothing. Or buying a car with that dealership logo plate on the back… Unless you’re discounting my car by a grand, I’m not advertising for you. If you’re used to being used and don’t complain, the ad-hacks love you.

    Personally, I’ve told more than a few theatre managers that I find the practice or dunning TV ads in a theatre to be insulting, considering the ticket and candy prices.

    I hate the movies, but I’m glad you enjoyed that one.

  4. dasc Says:

    It depends on how the car dealership attaches their badge. If it’s just stuck on, some Zippo lighter fluid will take off the glue. If they drilled tap holes it’s another story. That’s usually where rust begins to form. In any case, do you also pull off the car logo as that gives the manufacturer free advertising too. Unless we go back to spinning our own thread and looming our own cloth we’re going to have to accept some branding in our lives. It’s the price of living not in the 18th century.

  5. Chuckles Says:

    You can get all the logos removed. I have seen cars without any logos on them, so it must be possible.

    I also try to avoid buying shirts and shoes with a prominent label on them. It looks crass and is utterly lame. I will admit to buying Levis almost exclusively, but in my defense, every time I buy non-Levi jeans they suck ass and fall apart.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Nope, AG doesn’t eat it. AG is not an ad girl. You can show me them, but I am not buying anything. Rather AG camps out at the store, reviews the products and materials, ingredients, etc., reviews costs and makes up her mind. Marketing folks can eat it too! Furthermore, AG is also not a billboard, nor has she ever been. If an emblem is on my clothes, that’s fine. I can cover it with a sweater or something else.

    At the end of the day, AG got her discounted ticket and got credit on her free movie card for future free movies. Trust me MDH, AG gave them the finger.

    Now let’s discuss movies and not coupons.

    DASC, I said you should have gone to the movies in Beverly. You cannot trust those clowns in Danvers.

  7. teh l4m3 Says:

    AG: Glad to know it was worth it. I may give it a gander. Although I must say, I get a little impatient if something is too quirky without enough bite.

    “…every time I buy non-Levi jeans they suck ass and fall apart.”

    Chuckles: MASSIVE WANG!!!!!1!!11!

  8. midniter Says:

    Wow…we’re on the same wavelength or something right now, AG. I was going to go see the movie tonight, but fell asleep on the sofa for a bit during one movie and didn’t think I’d make it through another. Totally gonna go see this when I’m off on Tuesday.

  9. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    I’m mostly with mdhatter, but all of those things are only true if you have a soul that hasn’t been sold to begin with. I am probably devoid of said soul. I like good indie flicks and character studies. Oh, the music was also excellent on top of the movie being an easy 4.5/5 stars.

  10. butchie Says:

    I like this about that trailer.

  11. mitz Says:

    yay hurray for good movies!!!

  12. Chuckles Says:

    Ahem, teh l4m3 is indeed correct. If I don’t get a new shipment of kevlar boxers soon, my wang will destroy all of my pants. Voracious epic wang.

  13. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    That’s it! Chuckles, you are officially banned from talking about your wang here. Only Midniter and Res may do that. Enough with the wang talk already. If you and teh teh want to flirt — move over to

  14. almostinfamous Says:

    i bought GAP jeans in india for about the equiv of 5 bucks(export surplus is what they call them) and still feel guilty about it

  15. Kevin Wolf Says:

    This one is definitely on my list. i like this kind of character-driven stuff.

  16. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    OMG! I want $5 GAP jeans. I don’t feel guilty about wanting a bargain. Instead I feel angry about the fact that Americans don’t make enough of a living wage to not want these kinds of bargains.

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