{i hate moving parts}

Hey guys, there’s some orange light flashing on the front of my Dell PowerEdge server. Is that bad?

I think that means it's on fire!

Just kidding. Of course it’s bad!

At 5PM today, I brought our entire network down so I could replace the intermittently faulty UPS that powers my Big Momma file server where all my user’s profiles and documents live. We had already powered the new UPS and situated next to the old one, so it was a simple matter of unplugging the server from the old one and plugging it into the new one 12 inches away.

Unfortunately, when I powered up the server, the cheery, insanely bright blue light that normally shines from the front panel to assure me that all is well (hardware-wise) was gone. In its place, there is now an angry, flashing (and still insanely bright…really, like you can’t look straight into this thing….these LEDs are out of control) orange light. There was also a matching orange light flashing spastically on one of the three SCSI drives in this machine’s RAID 5 array.

I am Jack's total hatred of moving parts.

Feel my hate. And my allergies.
The system booted normally, and gave me a message to the effect that one of the drives has failed.

So. It’s two hours later. I’m sitting here staring at the PERC configuration utility as it attempts to reconstruct the array.

Now I'm at 19%! Only 2 hours later!

This is taking for fucking ever.

Can someone tell me why computers still have moving parts? With MOTORS?? In the freaking year 2006?!?

Res Publica's World Domination Headquarters

Also, just FYI, don’t buy anything from TrippLite. They shipped us a replacement UPS right away, but neglected to mention that we will have to pay the shipping costs to return the defective unit. I have a couple of problems with this. On principle, it seems unfair to make us pay for shipping to return a defective product. Also, I’m pretty sure it won’t be cheap to ship. If you’ve never worked with an uninterruptible power supply, it’s basically a steel box full of batteries. There’s some lights and wires and shit in there too, but the point is that it’s heavy, as one would expect a steel box full of batteries to be.

My assistant had a nice long phone-fight with a customer service supervisor at TrippLite this afternoon, wherein said supervisor told my assistant that he didn’t “give a fuck” if we think we should have to pay the shipping or not.

What’s wrong with people in this country? When did everyone become such a knob?

Anyway…I’m going to go back to staring at the screen. I’m up to 20%!


15 Responses to “{i hate moving parts}”

  1. Pinko Punko Says:

    what I love about this post is that you know how to load pictures on your blog. it is refreshing.

  2. Res Publica Says:

    Harsh! To be fair, I upload them to an image directory and then manually paste in the URL for the image. I can do that because I can log in to my web hosting control panel, and AG can’t do that.

  3. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    Not only do the pictures load, but they have funny captions. That is teh brilliant! Are you up to 25% yet?

  4. mdhatter Says:

    You are making me truly hate your job. When something goes awry with the network at my office, I immediately turn into Sgt. Schultz. I know knuthing.

  5. Snag Says:

    The only way I can upload a picture is to tape it to my computer screen. So you got that going for you.

  6. midniter Says:

    Boy…you look seriously pissed off, even for you.

  7. plover Says:

    And here I thought Res looked more like he was trying to rationalise why getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick was better than some alternative.

    Res, you do realise that if they take the moving parts out of your computer the terrorists will have won? I mean, why do moving parts stop moving? Sand, right? And where does sand come from? Deserts. And who lives in deserts? Terrorists. Viola!

    Cursing at computer hardware while you struggle to liberate its oppressed parts that yearn for the freedom to move is just another way to contribute to keeping this country safe.

  8. Res Publica Says:

    Res, you do realise that if they take the moving parts out of your computer the terrorists will have won?

    That’s the most insane post plover has ever left. kudos!

    Boy…you look seriously pissed off, even for you.

    Eat me, ho.

  9. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Thanks for the support Res. It’s so refreshing to know why the pictures wouldn’t load for me.

  10. Res Publica Says:

    How exactly do you add pictures to your posts? It seems to work sometimes.

  11. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I’ve only had problems when I take them from my pictures (downloaded from e-mail or digital camera) folder saved on my desktop. I try to upload them and it doesn’t seem to work. UC tried to help me once by instructing me to do it the way he does it at 3Choads — no luck.

  12. Pinko Punko Says:

    I would try “Save for Web” in photoshop, I think it is a color issue.

  13. almostinfamous Says:

    I would try “Save for Web” in photoshop
    yes, if the lady has photoshop. alternately, most photo viewing/organizing programs such as iphoto or picasa have an export function which optimize for web. consult local nerd for details.

    I think it is a color issue.
    you would think that, n00b!!

    it’s more probably the server timing out on the large files that AG tries to upload direct from camera, esp if the camera has >3 megapixels.

  14. pop renaissance Says:

    “Boy…you look seriously pissed off, even for you.

    Eat me, ho.”

    THIS is why i missed y’all…

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