{happiness is a bright blue light…}

…shining on the front of my server.

I think this thing might actually be some sort of laser?

The reconstruction of my RAID array appears to have succeeded. The drive that had failed now has a green light, and the PERC BIOS utility says that it is “online” and in “optimal” condition. Furthermore, I was able to boot the OS, log in and receive this cheery sight:

I've never been more happy to see this stupid desktop

Since reconstruction restored the drive to functionality, I can only assume that the data on the disk became somehow corrupt or inconsistent, rather than an outright hardware failure. I think that can happen when parity data gets out of synch. So that all sounds pretty good. One the other hand, it is no longer part of the array, which has gone from being a 3-drive RAID 5 to a 2-drive RAID 0.

Oh well. We’ll survive one day without redundancy. I don’t have time to reconstruct the array again before my users get here and start logging on. For now, i’m just running various disk diagnostics and maintenence utilities on the logical drive made up of the two disks remaining in the array.

UPDATE: I need a tape drive with an autoloader. I’m over sitting here and waiting to change the tape every time I do a full backup.


One Response to “{happiness is a bright blue light…}”

  1. almostinfamous Says:

    is this an attempt to get rid of the people who come here for AG’s posts on sheets and such?

    also, tape drives are yummy… with or without autoloaders.

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