More Tales from the Road


Go west, young man or woman, with a road trip through the Black Hills, SD. Despite being busy with the partnership, the client in Rapid City needs to be terminated. We drew sticks to determine who was the least angry at a state that requires bringing a coat hanger and bottle of rat poison (in case you run into any anti-abortionist who seemed a bit too proud of their actions). Given that I am way more angry and willing to do something about it, it was decided I should go because after all, AG slipped Babs “the letter”. AG has quite the reputation amongst the scientist at the office now…

First, dinner in Hill City. Hill City is a town without a hill and a population of less than 900. Northwest airlines magazine recommended the Alpine Inn there. Figured it might be worth checking out. It’s a double-take restaurant. By day, the cozy 1886 wood frame edifice hosts lunch. In the early 1970s, it was converted to a restaurant by then owner, Waldtrout Matush from Stuttgart, Germany. Today, his daughter Monika presides over the establish. The building itself looks like a turn of the century Victorian saloon. What happens inside is magical. At night, the German fare is pushed to the side for one entrée, filet mignon. AG doesn’t eat much red meat, perhaps a few times a year along with cheating with summer BBQ burgers. Tonight, a good choice was made to throw caution to the wind. Monika and camp will serve you their freshest beef and thank you kindly for sharing the experience with them.

Back into the car where our next stop finds us at Crazy Horse in Custer, SD, a mere 11 miles to the west of Rushmore. I had never been to Crazy Horse prior to tonight. It’s worth the visit if you’ve come all this way, but not worth coming if you are local.

Zipping along, we are at Mount Rushmore. I’ve been to Rushmore twice before – once in the middle of the day and once in the evening. In the summer months, the rangers host a free of charge evening program. It details the history of the creation of the monument and ends with everyone out of their seats singing the national anthem in unison. (More red meat, I know, I know.) The first time I saw this American beauty, I actually gasped out loud. Gasped. Out. Loud. It truly is breathtaking and a slice of America that one should sample. Pictures do not adequately capture the serenity of the monument and it was dark. Custer State Park and the bison will have to wait for my return in late Fall.

Lastly, on an unrelated side note, AG found out last night that for all you lovers of McDonald’s — Brando, McFlurry with Take-5 is available!


8 Responses to “More Tales from the Road”

  1. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Yeah, I’d like to see ol’ Rushmore. So, it was better at night, I assume?

  2. Thom Says:

    Hey, are you guys headed to my house?

  3. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    It’s equally nice. It’s just pretty and nice to listen to the narration in the evening.

    Thom, no trips to OR planned right now. We’d love to see you and our dropped off the face of the earth pal, Grishaxxx. We’ll have to see how things pan out.

  4. fulsome Says:

    I think my beef is superior.

    Bring it!

  5. The Uncanny Canadian Says:

    I could swear that was Chuckles that wrote the last comment, but then I realized that Fulsome was actually talking about beef not his beef.

  6. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    I love how UC only shows up in comments when a post is about food or comments are about food. He also shows up now and again to flirt with Res. If I were Midniter, I’d take offense at UC for his discriminatory flirting…

  7. fulsome Says:

    Well, I think UC only makes nice with Res because he is hoping for more food.

  8. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    You would think that Fullie, but you’d be wrong. He likes to flirt with Res. AG isn’t necessarily against that, just thinking Midniter should get equal attention from UC. That’s all AG is sayin and to give peace a chance…

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