Plan C


The women’s movement celebrates a win this week with the FDA approval of non prescription Plan B. Women aged 18 and older will be able to obtain the emergency Plan B pill over the counter in pharmacies throughout the United States. Unfortunately for teenage women, a prescription is still required. It’s sad that the FDA has put obstacles in place for young women seeking to control their bodies by requiring them to consult with a doctor. Either the drug is safe for pediatric use or it is not. End of story. Despite a limited win, it’s a win nonetheless. Having heard Becky Bell’s parents speak recently on how they wished she had just come to them about her pregnancy, my biggest hope is that this will reduce the number of unsafe abortions and resulting deaths like Becky’s.

This flies in the face of the recent mandate of the state of South Dakota to ban all abortions within state borders. One wonders how many young girls in that state will die from botched abortions all so some masochist with a sacrilegious symbol hanging from his neck can feel good about himself. Pregnancy is fundamental to the lives of women across this vast nation. Neither a physician nor a politician should stand in the way of women making choices for their own lives and bodies. Coming from three generations of women who supported abortion services, I rejoice with my grandmothers and mother in this celebration today. We won big, ladies! Next, we are going for full throttle emergency contraception.

And for the trolls who desire leaving some hate comments, each hate comment will result in a $25 donation to Planned Parenthood in your name. AG is not playing and AG needs some serious tax write-offs this year.


12 Responses to “Plan C”

  1. plover Says:

    The real test for the state of South Dakota comes in November when SD voters make their choice whether or not to repeal the abortion ban. South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families is the group organising the push for repeal. They cite a recent poll that shows SD registered voters 47 to 39 percent in favor of repeal. (Note that the ballot initiative is framed in terms of whether the law is upheld and remains in force – those opposed to it need to vote NO on “Referred Law 6”.)

    However, the detailed poll results also show that 59% of those who are in favor of repeal or are undecided, would vote to uphold the statute if there were an exception for rape or incest.

    So there is a real potential that the law will be shot down, which would be a real victory, but unfortunately it appears that’s only the case because the law is such a completely grotesque overreach. (Though a few states are considering laws that, unlike the SD one, don’t even have an exception to save the life of the mother.)

    According to the way the poll question was asked the law allows “a person [to] provide a contraception substance to a woman without penalty prior to the time her pregnancy could be determined by conventional medical testing”, so it appears that the SD law would not affect Plan B even if upheld.

  2. Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker Says:

    For the record, I keep a locket with Ronald Reagan’s photo around my neck…hardly a “sacreligious symbol.”

    Oddly enough, this bit of conservative bling often has the same effect as birth control.

  3. fish Says:

    I hate the FDA and the political tools in charge of it. Does that count as hate comments? Does PP (not that PP) get $25 now? What if I throw in that I hate Dick Cheney? Paris Hiltion?

  4. jennifer Says:

    Just an FYI from the FDA website:

    7. How can I purchase over-the-counter Plan B?

    Plan B will only be sold in pharmacies/stores staffed by a licensed pharmacist. In order to purchase Plan B over-the-counter, personal identification showing proof of age (18) is required. Plan B will be available behind the counter at the pharmacy in order to manage both prescription (17 years and under) and OTC (18 years and over) dispensing. This means Plan B will not be sold at gas stations or convenience stores, where other OTC products are routinely available.

    So regardless of age, you still have to ask the fucking pharmacist or tech for it. So yeah, I’m seeing a huge possibility of some bullshit conflict of morals.

  5. teh l4m3 Says:

    Good for you, AG.

    “Plan B will only be sold in pharmacies/stores staffed by a licensed pharmacist.”

    I hope we’re all through with that rash of weirdos who become pharmacists just to say that it violates their morality to sell any birth control…

  6. mdhatter Says:

    It’s amazing to me that Plan B is a big deal, but buying the raw ingredients for Meth OTC is no big deal…


  7. Michael Bains Says:

    Wow… I never thought I’d be hopin’ you’ll get Troll Spew on yer blog.

    For a worthy cause and all that, though.

    (“Fingers crossed” for SD’s Pro-Sanity issue!)

  8. Peter Says:

    I was really shocked and thrilled that the Plan B approval went through – I wrote a bit about it on my Blog. As happy as I am, I wonder if it’s too much to see this as some kind of a significant source of evidence of some kind of…shift….

  9. Kevin Wolf Says:

    I’m sick of these self-righteous assholes making like they’ve got the high moral ground when in fact they’re playing politics with women’s lives.

    Bob Park, who does a really good column on science and reason, had this to say about Plan B:


    Better late than never, the FDA announced [August 24] that the emergency contraceptive will be available over the counter, but only if you’re over 18. One might suppose the consequences of unplanned pregnancy would be greater for women under 18. That it was approved at all after a 3-year struggle must be credited to three women. Susan Wood, resigned as head of women’s health at the FDA a year ago to protest failure to approve over-the-counter sale. Senators Clinton and Murray made it clear that without it Bush family friend Andrew von Eschenbach would not be confirmed to head FDA.

  10. Adorable Girlfriend Says:

    Bob Park is an asshole! He’s just another old white man in the beltway region telling women what they should do with there bodies. Fuck him! AG will make a contribution to Planned Parenthood in his name.

  11. Chuckles Says:

    AG is just letting fly again, everybody duck.

  12. pop renaissance Says:

    bob park was tha BOMB! he had that serious afro and painted happy little trees on hillsi…oh wait – that was bob ROSS. my bad.

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