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Hey Nineteen

August 28, 2006

AG survived the Steely Dan concert that UC dragged her to last night. It wasn’t as bad as one would have thought. The pouring rain was no fun, but we survived.



We Have a Code Kosher Pork Sit-U

August 3, 2006


Many of you know that UC is AG’s Adorable Boyfriend. He was corrupted several years ago by an unknown non Jewish individual who versed him into the pork and the unkosher world. This happened despite being raised in a kosher house, Jewish day school and Bubie and Zadie’s careful watch. Sometimes you can love ’em, but you just cannot live their lives for them! Since the corruption, UC is pretty much pork snarking 24/7. He wants pork pancakes and knish in the AM, pork burritos and lox at lunch and some pork-ghetti with tzimmes at night. The only time he might take a break from said routine, but probably only from actually doing it, not thinking it is during Passover.

AG, on the other hand, never liked the smell, look or taste of pork. Even Miss Piggy was useless unless Kermit was around with a guitar. Pork is just wrong to her. Just plain wrong. Being the AG that she is, she was delighted when she got the e-mail below from one of UC’s favorite restaurants. His response when AG e-mailed him about it. Wait for it. “This might actually be too much pork.” Have we turned a corner? Is the world going to end with this mess in the Middle East? Might the Red Sox actually win this year? Could Santa Harry be for real? Oh magic Jesus eight-ball! Do we need a UC pork snorkel intervention?

By now you know that we at Craigie Street go whole hog on everything we do, but we’re taking that commitment to a new and delicious extreme.

Mark your calendar because on Tuesday, August 22, we invite pork lovers to wine, dine on swine, and rejoice at a six-course dinner celebrating all the porky pleasures. As we write, Chef Tony Maws — not resting for one moment on the laurels of his Boston Magazine “Best Chef” award — is busily shopping the organic farms of Vermont for the perfect piglets. His August 22 Whole Hog menu combines his fanaticism for perfect organic quality with his vivid and elegant culinary imagination, his “nose to tail” approach, and his passion for all things pork.


Amuse Bouche:
Fromage de Tete, Pickled Melon

1st Course
Warm Salad of Farm Vegetables, Crispy Oreilles de Cochon, Farm-fresh Egg, Herbs and Flowers
Pork, Pork Liver and Bacon Terrine, Pickled Chanterelles and Nectarines

2nd Course
Soup of Summer Squash, Calaminthe, Crispy Pork Jowl Croutons
Crispy Suckling Pig Confit, Quail Egg, Gnocchi Parisienne*, Garden Herb Sauce

3rd Course
Chorizo Oil-Poached Fresh Florida Shrimp, Summer Succotash, Purslane
Curry-Poached Dayboat Cod Cheeks, Serrano Ham, Wild Sorrel, Ham Broth

4th Course
Boudin Noir-Stuffed Vermont Quail, Sweet Onions, White Corn
Slow-Cooked Vermont Pig Belly, Cubanelle Peppers, Radishes, Pineapple-taco Sauce

5th Course
Yellow Watermelon Sorbet

6th Course
Cornbread Pain Perdu, Blackberries, White Peach Purée

“When we serve Pork 3 Ways, diners love it”, Chef Maws said. “I thought ‘imagine how much they would flip if we had a special dinner offering it 6 ways!’ ”

The cost of Whole Hog is $95 per person. Naturally, there will be a Swine/Wine pairing ($40) or you may order wines by the glass or bottle from our list.

Seatings for Whole Hog are at 6:30, 7, and 7:30 pm.

To book your table, please call 617 497 5511 or book online at

Remember, there is always plenty of free on-street porking (sorry – we couldn’t resist!) near the Bistrot. Check the website for detailed instructions.

*The Best of Boston Editors loved this dish so much, we got an award for that too!

Could This be the Uncanny One?

July 5, 2006


It sure looks like UC and the boy appears to be in love with a potato chip.

Liberal Morality

June 23, 2006

fall on your unbending knees before me, plastic peons!

In light of the recent sexual-morality kerfluffle in the Episcopal Church (which I have obsessive-compulsively covered on this here blog), and the interesting conversation about marriage (to snakes and dogs) over at Tres Toros, I thought this sermon by the Rev. Nathan Woodliff-Stanley might be timely. Woodliff-Stanley is a minister at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado.

Meet Karen Johnson, a 19-year-old woman struggling to live off a minimum-wage job from a welfare-to-work program. She has a baby from a boyfriend who used to beat her up whenever he drank too much. She’s been trying to put her life back together as far away from him as possible. But Karen feels the pressure from her church and from government programs, both of which seem to be telling her that marriage is the solution to her problems. So she wonders if maybe she’d better go back to her boyfriend after all and marry him.

Now meet Kayla Jordan, a 26-year-old lesbian woman with a good job and a social work degree. She’s been in a loving relationship for several years. Kayla and her partner would love to get married and adopt a child, but her state government has told her that they will not be allowed to do either of these things. She also is not welcome with her partner at the church where she grew up.

What’s wrong with this picture?

In both cases, the problem flows from a conservative vision of morality that places more weight on ideological categories of right and wrong than on a genuine assessment of what does good or harm in real people’s lives. The conservative wing of our society has tried to claim the high ground on morality for a long time, proclaiming it from pulpits, on the radio, and in TV talking points, repeatedly blaming liberals for a moral decline in our culture.

Well, I don’t buy it.

You can read the rest here.

Hat tip to Josh S., who pointed to this sermon in a comment thread over at Father Jake’s.

Calling Out to You Song of the Day Groupies

May 31, 2006


If you are into 3Bulls Song of the Day gig, then you have to visit Lance Mannion’s post on the Top 50 Conservative Songs.  He puts to rest AG’s concerns with those “musicians” The Beach Boys.  Especially that sad sack, Brian Wilson.

Eat it Pinko Punko! We Got Blue Girl’s Dream Cameo:

May 3, 2006


I was at a new business meeting at Nestle. And they had all their products in boxes in the conference room we were in. I was looking through the boxes and there were Take 5 bars! And I’m staring at the candy bar thinking….How do I get a huge box of these and deliver them to Pinko Punko? And in my dream I KNOW I’m dreaming about Take 5, 3Bulls! and PP! And I’m kind of cracking myself up that I know I’m dreaming it as I’m dreaming it. But all the while I’m scheming, trying to figure out a way to get PP candy bars for free! And how surprised he’ll be when the box shows up at his door.

That was pretty much it. And Nestle doesn’t even make Take 5 bars — Hershey’s does. Don’t know why I dreamt about Nestle. Maybe I’m going to get that account! Maybe it’s foreshadowing! That would be great! And if I do, I’ll get you guys all the free candy bars I possibly can.

Update: Blue Girl lays it down for Pinko here.   What are you waiting for?  Give Blue Girl some linky love.

UC Quality Moments Mondays

May 1, 2006

The Uncanny Canadian had a few zingers this weekend.  For those of you who know UC, it’s about waiting for the moment.  And when you get it — look out!

On Sunday morning UC started complaining about the unequalness of engagement. (Yes, I know what you are thinking. That is a good question to which AG is not speaking to right now). His comment:

 “Do you know how much a diamond costs?  You put out like $12,000 and what, she buys you a steak?”

He chased it with waking AG this morning with:

“I was dreaming about monkeys.  They all came running in with shirts on and knives.  They took of their shirts and it got ugly.”

 You gotta love UC! 

Pinko Punko vs. Adorable Girlfriend

April 4, 2006

AG and Pinko finally squared off in person. Details and better post later.  However, the best dialogue Koufax Award went a little something like this:

Background: While UC and PP bickered at the Vietnamese restaurant, the rush of hungry faces kept pouring in. UC climbed onto the table and licked his plate clean.  Gloria Gaynor pumped in the background while PP tried to get photo action of AG.

Act I, Scene II

GC:  Sweetie, you need to reduce your blogging time.

UC: It’s like looking in an AG mirror.

AG: Yeah, I quit the blog for a week and it felt good.

PP: I can’t quit the blog.  250 people need me. They need ME!

AG: In own head: Amen, brother.  Amen, brotha. 


My PowerPoint Presentation

March 24, 2006

Or, “That’ll be $6,000, please!”

I got yer slide-deck right here!!

Click here if you’re using Internet Exploder (this is the one time in you life when it’s better to use IE)

Click here if you’re using Anything Else (you don’t get the whole PowerPointy effect that IE provides, but having a real browser should be some consolation)