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festoon your rotting carcass with the republic of dogs!

July 8, 2006

Your President commands to proceed forthwith to the Official Clothier, Haberdasher and Gift Shop of Ye Olde Republik of Dogges and purchase numerous costly items!

your new hat!

It's only 16 payments of $19.95!

now with built-in nipples!



June 5, 2006



Pretty isn’t it?  Would you pay $17,000 for it?  That’s what it costs at  The site is so lame.  They also sell personalized binkys.  What the hell does a kid who cannot speak or read, need a personalized binky for?  So when they are at daycare at six months old and they drop it, they can tell little Gabbriellya (yeah, TPT spells kids names like that now.  They will be the Phyllis and Marions of their generation one day along with the Ashleigh and Mauras of mine) to step off and learn how to read?  Fakata is what that is!