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August 16, 2006

Tucker Carlson is going to be on Dancing with the Stars?  I wonder if he’ll be wearing his red bow tie?  And I hope that he goes home before Jerry Springer.  Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!


Pot Isn’t That Expensive

July 30, 2006

C’mon now….even the cheapest bag of schwag has gotta be better than huffing mothballs. 


July 20, 2006

Isn’t this just a kick in the pants? The driving license of beer baron, Peter Coors, 59, was revoked last week after a court case found he was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The revocation decision followed two and a half hours of testimony last week on Friday. The judge in the case found Coors guilty of not stopping at a stop sign while driving intoxicated on May 28 after a wedding. Coors upheld that he had drunk one beer about 30 minutes before leaving a wedding.

On the evening of the 28th when he was pulled over, Coors was given two breath tests. On the first test, he registered 0.073. While on the second, 20 minutes after the first, he registered 0.088.

In the state of Colorado, where he was arrested for DUI, a blood alcohol count of 0.05 is the legal limit. Thus, his counts resulted in driving under the influence charges.

Maybe now he will have time to sign up for the DARE program or something. Given that he paid for the video below — he got what he deserves!


How Strong Was That Vodka?

July 8, 2006

Because he wanted to “lick him like a kitten”

Disturbing on so many levels.  And I totally suck at putting YouTube stuff up on here.  But hey…it leaves more room for Res to pimp RoD stuff.

{what a rush!}

June 27, 2006

I was going to make fun of ol’ “Pills” Limbaugh for this, but…well…there’s really nothing I could add that’s funnier than Rush + Viagra. It’s the perfect self-caricature of angry, red-faced white conservative blowhards!

African Bishops Disappointed by Episcopal Church’s Failure to Stone, Burn Gays

June 22, 2006

I’m sure that exactly no one, with the possible exception of ++Frank Griswold and +Katharine Jefferts Schori, that the African Bishops are not mollified in the slightest by the actions taken by the General Convention yesterday.

T19 (no, sorry, won’t link to them) reports the following statement from the seemingly omnipresent ++Peter Akinola, this time in his role as the Chairman of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa:


African Bishops: Killing is okay, buttsex not so much.

June 21, 2006

Here’s an interesting article from Thinking Anglicans about the table at which the Bishops of the Episcopal Church hope they’ve bought themselves a seat today:


Say What?

June 13, 2006

I haven’t been the most prolific writer during my free time, so I’m cramming as much in as I can this week.  This is something that happened a few weeks ago.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Midniter: well…i think when i was his age, i was out about 5 nights a week 

L: but so drunk u just pee on the damn floor in the bedroom?

Midniter: no, I was never THAT drunk

L: yes last night at damn 2 am, he was too drunk to go to bathroom and he was all over me, when i had to sleep.  his friends dropped him off at 1 am, he didn’t have his key, and i had to wake up early for work.  i had to get up and let him in and then i put him to bed, and then an hour later, he falls out of bed and i hear water

Midniter: i hope you understand why i’m laughing right now

L: and i turn on light and he was peeing on the floor on all fours


Midniter: ROTFLMAO

L: its funny now, but last night i would have killed him

Midniter: i hear that

Midniter: i would have too. i still would, if i were the one having to clean it up

L: so i have to steam clean it and shit

Midniter: on all 4s…pissing.  

L: i couldn’t believe it, and when i turned the light on, he held it, like i didnt know

Midniter: or didn’t notice the wet spot on the carpet

L: well shit i heard him, and when i asked, if he was peeing he said no and then it just poured out again

Now I’ve certainly had my moments of drunken stupidness, but pissing like a dog on the carpet…that’s something new.

Jonah Goldberg’s Thoughts on Canada

June 13, 2006


Jonah pens another fine article.

Cobag of the Week: Code Red Alert

May 17, 2006

This lametard, Patrick Bell is being a total cobag over at Clif’s site.  Stop by Clif’s and Pat’s blog for a little message leaving.  Clif, we got your back on this one!

Oh, and since Pat likes to post your name when you comment because he’s so kewl with his IP address ping back — be sure to troll ‘n roll with him.