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Thong Contest

August 2, 2006


UC and AG have voted. We’ll announce the winners next week, as some of the them may be on vacation. Stay tuned. Same bat channel, same bat time.


Good Stuff

July 19, 2006

AG did some coursework around the concerns of this hospital. It’s great to see things are moving forward, despite the bleak past of this institution. As the articles discusses, time will tell where the future is headed. Nonetheless, there is a lot to be learned for the non profit sector from this story.

As the vacation dust settles

July 13, 2006


So, you all missed out on a free “I hate Shoelimpy®” thong over at Annie Angel’s blog store. What a pity. Nobody guessed correctly where AG and UC’s vacation was.

UC and AG went to Vancouver, British Columbia. Our trip was amazing! Vancouver is such a lovely Canadian city. It was equally suitable for the American and the Canadian. We spent nearly a full day in Stanley Park. It was splendid walking along the water for over an hour. At one point during our stroll, we came across ducklings at one point. The mama stood proudly looking over her little Jacks and Quacks. They let us come right up to them. UC, who cannot find the digital camera, snapped a photo of them on his cell phone. They were just too cute not to make cell phone wallpaper out of. The lion’s gate bridge below was inspiring. We literally stood underneath it.


UC had begun to food blog here. He will share tales of Sequoia Grill, Tojo’s, the bakery, null and the market. Before going any further, we need to thank Peter for his suggestion to go to Vij’s. It was so amazing! As an anniversary gift, AG agreed to eat Indian with UC, since AG is not a fan otherwise. Unlike Tojo’s, AG did not back wash anything at Vij’s. It was phenomenal with great libations and a corner table in the window.

Our second favorite destination after strolling the park was the Granville Island Farmer’s Market. This place was amazing. There are no chains and the local artisans are amazing. While pottery and blown glass was swallowing us at every turn we took, food is always UC’s game. There was kosher meats, unkosher meats, amazing, no unbelievable pastas, olives, cheeses, soups featured in Gourmet magazine and the amazing Lee’s Donuts. Lee’s could give San Francisco’s Bob’s a run for its money. We both oogled and eyed so much stuff there and ended this special trip to the market by consuming our Rainier cherries on the bench along the marina.

Vancouver is a special place. It was wonderful to share such a dynamic city with UC. We hope to visit again soon, perhaps on a job exploration trip…

festoon your rotting carcass with the republic of dogs!

July 8, 2006

Your President commands to proceed forthwith to the Official Clothier, Haberdasher and Gift Shop of Ye Olde Republik of Dogges and purchase numerous costly items!

your new hat!

It's only 16 payments of $19.95!

now with built-in nipples!

What a Wonderful World

July 6, 2006

At this very moment in time a year ago, AG’s world changed forever. Sometimes it is hard to fathom that just one moment or small guesture can change your life forever. Yet, so many moments in our lives are simply that. A few simple nano seconds woven together that tell our history. One small event makes one big splash and before you know it, you have a tidal wave that you are trying to juggle. Life is both funny and fantastic that way. Today is a good day!


Wednesday Worthy

June 28, 2006


Just because it’s silly!


June 4, 2006


The Uncanny Canadian (UC) and AG saw The Break-Up last night.

The Boston Globe reviewers gave it 1.5 stars, while Entertainment Weekly gave it 2.5 stars.  AG and Siskel and camp give it 2 stars.  The reviewers were pissed at the reality.  AG thought it could have been even more realistic while UC couldn’t believe people who are so clearly wrong for each other date like that. (UC is kinda cute like that, isn’t he?) For the media, it appears in these times of war and increasing poverty, who wants true reality when we have such a great President and Paris doing another season of the Simple Life.

Happy Birthday Week, Blue Girl!

May 5, 2006

Somebody is having a birthday.   That calls for some fun.

First, the cake and party hats:

No party is complete without entertainment:


Then it’s time for presents:


Because We Heart Brad R.

April 4, 2006


Our Pal Brad R. would love this place:



Windows Vista is constantly degrading me

March 23, 2006


Microsoft’s recent announcement of (yet another) delay in the retail roll-out of Windows Vista reminded me that I never wrote anything about my adventures with the Build 5308 beta (or I guess they’re “Community Technology Previews” now) version of Vista. I probably didn’t write about it because you don’t give damn, but whatever.

I am Jack’s total lack of surprise at the most recent delay. I expected 5308 to be more or less finished, but I had severe problems keeping it running (or to be more accurate, keeping applications running on top of it). My laptop eked by the hardware requirements, so I got to play around with the Aero Glass desktop theme. I will say this: It’s beautiful. Really beautiful.

And then I’ll say this: so what? It took 5 years and like a bazillion trillion gillion dollars in development to deliver…translucent edges on the windows?

Also, the much-hyped security improvements look like a train-wreck to me. The OS may in fact be much more secure – I didn’t do any security testing beyond learning that I couldn’t get any antivirus product in the universe to install and operate in a normal manner. What I mean by “train-wreck” is that it asks your permission 98 times before doing any single little task. I mean, when I double-click on an application’s icon, I pretty much figure that’s me giving that application permission to load and run. Vista apparently does not share this assumption. And maybe that’s a good thing, but tell me this: what’s your grandma going to do the first time she clicks on something and Vista pops back with “Running this DLL as an app requires your permission.” No, I’m not kidding. The pop-up message actually said “DLL”. I can’t wait to explain dynamic link libraries to everyone I know, and then watch them glaze over as they realize how sorry they are to have asked.

Another fun thing: the “Control Panel” now has like 74 icons on it. Which is kind of neat, in that the GUI’s will give users more control of their systems. On the other hand, it’s kind of horrible, in that the GUI’s will give users more control of their (soon to be unbootable) systems.

Drivers are a serious problem at this point, but I guess that’s not entirely an indictment of the OS. It is still a beta, after all. That said, I was most displeased with the seizure-inducing screen-flashes that accompanied log-on and log-off. Also, iTunes (which you may have heard of, since one or two people use it) is somehow incompatible with the “desktop compositing” that underlies the new transparency/3-D stuff. That means that when you fire up iTunes, the desktop is dropped from Aero Glass to just plain ol’ sucky poor-people’s Aero. I wouldn’t mind that at all if it were not accompanied by several of those god-awful screen flashes.

I finally got my soundcard to work, but (???) only through the onboard speakers. Vista thought my headphone jack was an audio-in port, so no speakers or headphones for me.

After several days, my biggest disappointment came in the realization of just how little is really new in Vista. There are enough changes “under the hood” that it would be unfair to call it Windows XP SP4 or anything like that, but still…one can’t help but think of all those spiffy things that WERE going to be in Vista, until they got postponed to Windows 2098 or whatever comes next. The de-WinFS-ing of Vista was pretty sad.

Anyway…beyond the UI, I wasn’t very impressed. I mean, if they fix all the problems with it before they release it, it will be pretty spiffy. I might personally upgrade at home. But recommend that my boss spend a fat wad of taxpayer cash for upgrades at the office? I don’t think so. Especially since Windows versions are generally more like a merlot than a Beaujolais Nouveau – they benefit from a few years of aging. To my mind, Windows XP is reaching the point of being a mature, reasonably secure and stable platform that is well-understood by developers and administrators alike. I also suspect that XP fully meets the computing needs of over 80% of Windows users, especially in the business markets. I don’t envision IT shops clamoring to be the first to migrate their organizations to Vista. Many are just now starting to move to XP, and there are still a lot of Windows 2000 desktops out there.

I’m much more interested in the enterprise-level technologies in the works at Microsoft. I think Workflow Foundation is an idea that could go a long way, but that’s another post (that you won’t be interested in either).

So, now that I’ve made a short story long, here’s the creamy climax: on Monday, I reinstalled Windows XP on my laptop. Here’s hoping Microsoft makes good use of the extra time they’ve bought themselves.

P.S. The Windows Vista SideBar can kiss my big white ass. And that’s all I’m saying about that.