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Chuckles, We’ve Got New Ones…

May 10, 2006

 Thanks to Butchie, we’ve got a new blog for AG and Chuckles to get banned from.  This sicko quotes Hitler like it’s a good thing.  Only a sick fuck would do so.  She also knows about public health and is proud to be a homophobe. She deserves whatever she gets from AG and her self inflicted hell.

Also, feel free to stop by Sean-the-Cobag’s new site and tell him AG said, “Maybe if you were playing Red Soxs with Stevie-ass-monkey, you wouldn’t be bothering Chuckles. He’s just not into you the way Stevie is.” Don’t forget to drop by this little pissant too.


Another Gem

April 27, 2006


There is this guy who has responded to both personal ads in the experiment on Craig’s List.  There were two e-mails this time and one last time. 

He actually might be the guy who for at least the past six months re-posts his ad every week.  See that guy’s ad here. The sad part is that the guy is fairly decent looking.  He doesn’t repulse AG. Or atleast the photo in the post looks decent.  What is going on there is beyond AG.  Either it’s his OCD or the photo is not him and well, most women don’t really want a man who looks like Ozzie O.

Whatever is the case, the three-time-e-mail-responder guy sent this little nugget today via email:

Your post sounds like the Boy Scout oath