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{i hate moving parts}

August 23, 2006

Hey guys, there’s some orange light flashing on the front of my Dell PowerEdge server. Is that bad?

I think that means it's on fire!

Just kidding. Of course it’s bad!

At 5PM today, I brought our entire network down so I could replace the intermittently faulty UPS that powers my Big Momma file server where all my user’s profiles and documents live. We had already powered the new UPS and situated next to the old one, so it was a simple matter of unplugging the server from the old one and plugging it into the new one 12 inches away.

Unfortunately, when I powered up the server, the cheery, insanely bright blue light that normally shines from the front panel to assure me that all is well (hardware-wise) was gone. In its place, there is now an angry, flashing (and still insanely bright…really, like you can’t look straight into this thing….these LEDs are out of control) orange light. There was also a matching orange light flashing spastically on one of the three SCSI drives in this machine’s RAID 5 array.

I am Jack's total hatred of moving parts.

Feel my hate. And my allergies.
The system booted normally, and gave me a message to the effect that one of the drives has failed.

So. It’s two hours later. I’m sitting here staring at the PERC configuration utility as it attempts to reconstruct the array.

Now I'm at 19%! Only 2 hours later!

This is taking for fucking ever.

Can someone tell me why computers still have moving parts? With MOTORS?? In the freaking year 2006?!?

Res Publica's World Domination Headquarters

Also, just FYI, don’t buy anything from TrippLite. They shipped us a replacement UPS right away, but neglected to mention that we will have to pay the shipping costs to return the defective unit. I have a couple of problems with this. On principle, it seems unfair to make us pay for shipping to return a defective product. Also, I’m pretty sure it won’t be cheap to ship. If you’ve never worked with an uninterruptible power supply, it’s basically a steel box full of batteries. There’s some lights and wires and shit in there too, but the point is that it’s heavy, as one would expect a steel box full of batteries to be.

My assistant had a nice long phone-fight with a customer service supervisor at TrippLite this afternoon, wherein said supervisor told my assistant that he didn’t “give a fuck” if we think we should have to pay the shipping or not.

What’s wrong with people in this country? When did everyone become such a knob?

Anyway…I’m going to go back to staring at the screen. I’m up to 20%!


It’s Getting Pathetic

August 8, 2006


Is it a full moon this week? Emu mating season, bootylicious month or some other fakakta holiday? AG is on a business trip this week, as will be most of the case this month — you kids are in for a treat later in the month — and staying in a hotel. Whenever staying in a hotel, AG tries to hit the exercise room. AG is making a concerted effort to lose weight and workout. AG’s never has a hard time with either, once the decision is made. A certain someone knows when he jumped the shark and made it clear that not only was the decision made, but AG is going to rub every BP reading is his face because of what he said that fateful morning. At the very least, it should make her marketable in case she has to kick said person to the curb for being a cobag or she gets sweeped off her feet by Dr. Sol, (a real Jewish doctor) her not so secret lover. Yes, AG loves the Italian inside of her that kicks ass and takes names in the face of a pseudo challenge that is brought on in one’s own head. It’s a game that AG and Parker Lewis never lose. (Insert image of AG breaking a bread stick with her forehead.)

After an evening of work e-mails and shopping, AG schleps to the gym. There is a middle age man on the stationary bike and Fox News. Great, a simpleton watching Fox News. Hope he doesn’t have some sort of ischemic event. AG is not seeing patients tonight, especially the Fox watching type. AG already has her iPod on is G to G. AG doesn’t even look at him. About five minutes into the workout, catch him talking to AG out of the corner of my eye. Guess he doesn’t understand one cannot hear with an iPod. (Ya know, his kids probably have one so he should know this.) AG pushs pause and he says, “Which is better, this machine or that one?” What am I? Richard effin’ Simmons? AG replies, “Not sure. I don’t like to bike indoors, so I always run instead.” He continues talking as AG straps back on the iPod. Afterall, he’s not AG’s hot fitness instructor or anything useful and AG already has an adorable boyfriend.

He’s kind of lurking around while AG has her run and cool down. At one point he’s clearly trying to push his limits on the bike. It’s unclear why. Another guy comes in and the first guy has a deflated look. Again AG is baffled given it’s another middle aged guy except this one is a muscle head. Either way, AG has a cute boy flying home from California tonight. Whatever is on the mind as AG goes back to looking at herself in the mirror because afterall, it is AG. Muscle head leaves and the other one is pacing in front of the door. Even Stevie Wonder can now see what’s going on here. It’s always extra weird when it happens in a hotel because there is a sexual innuendo because it’s one big sleep over, afterall. This theory was tested and proven in Baltimore a few years ago with the elevator PJ incident that will never happen again or be shared.

This is #3 (#2 isn’t worthy of your time) in two days. Is AG some sort of Carrie Bradshaw now with the older men? For whatever reason, older men have always been the suitors of AG. AG doesn’t need another daddy. When AG broke up with Jerkwad-the-asspirate-stalker (JAS), AG vowed to never date again out of her generation and as always, never younger. Is that too hard for the rest of the world to understand? Geesh.

The razor’s edge

May 23, 2006

Wired has published all of the documents related to AT&T’s complicity with the NSA’s domestic surveillance program. Including pictures of the secret rooms that AT&T built in their major switching centers for use by the NSA.

Go here to read their story and here to have a look at the goods.

I wish I had something really brilliant or trenchant to say about this, but the truth is that the current threat to our liberty is neither subtle nor complex.  The federal government is arrogating all authority to its own Executive.  The founders had a word for this, and that word was “tyranny”.

Anyone who completed their required reading in high school could have — with just a little imagination — seen this moment coming in 2001 and 2002.   When the “Patriot Act” passed into law and the “Department of Homeland Security” was established, the trajectory was thunderingly, unironically obvious.  The proponents of the Security State were all but saying “we’re laying the ground for a totalitarian state!”, and our corrupt and incompetent legislators licked it up and asked for more.  What’s more, our media have treated our national political life like a particularly exciting cocktail soiree since before 2000, and their abdication of their responsibilities went a long way toward making all of this possible.  What does it say about the intellectual quality of our national press corps that it takes The Buffalo Beast to put together all the obvious pieces and put out an editorial like this:

One saving grace of alternative media in this age of unfettered corporate conglomeration has been the internet. While the masses are spoon-fed predigested news on TV and in mainstream print publications, the truth-seeking individual still has access to a broad array of investigative reporting and political opinion via the world-wide web. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the government moved to patch up this crack in the sky. Attempts to regulate and filter internet content are intensifying lately, coming both from telecommunications corporations (who are gearing up to pass legislation transferring ownership and regulation of the internet to themselves), and the Pentagon (which issued an “Information Operations Roadmap” in 2003, signed by Donald Rumsfeld, which outlines tactics such as network attacks and acknowledges, without suggesting a remedy, that US propaganda planted in other countries has easily found its way to Americans via the internet). One obvious tactic clearing the way for stifling regulation of internet content is the growing media frenzy over child pornography and “internet predators,” which will surely lead to legislation that by far exceeds in its purview what is needed to fight such threats.

Go read the rest of the “Top Ten Signs Of The Impending U.S. Police State”.

What will we do?  What is it even possible to do?  I have often wondered if the state’s monopoly on force has not become so total and so sophisticated that if it ever came down to it and the people actually wanted a different government, could we make the present government concede to the popular will?  Are there still historical alternatives, or is the future now bound to an ever-amplifying loop of the status quo?


May 15, 2006

It has rained for one week straight.  That’s right, for one week the Bay State has been getting hammered.  AG is building an ark this week and will be quite busy.  Does anyone know how to install Kate Spade curtains in an ark?

Broke-ass Movie

April 4, 2006

We bought Brokeback Mountain this morning. Am I the only non-wingnut American who’s not 100% enthralled with this film?

It’s been, what, 37 years since the Stonewall Riots? And we’re still fascinated with two drunken closet cases falling into each other’s butt-holes at the low-rent equivalent of Boy Scout Camp? I guess it’s only cool to be gay if you’re, you know, not gay gay. Like, you fuck chicks and stuff. But you can fuck guys too, if you’re so manly you can’t even open your mouth all the way when you talk. And these dudes were so manly that they discovered a pure Noble Savage’s homosexuality, free from the enervating corruption of those city-slickin’ queers! Argh!!


Also…gay or not, Ennis was a dick to the mother of his daughters, and there’s nothing cute about that. Gay assholes are assholes too. This movie should have been called “Perpetual Teenagers on a Big Gay Adventure”.

Everytime You Say Goodbye, AG Says Hello.

March 31, 2006


I’ve lived in my home for like eight years.  On and off, to be honest. Yet, she was always home at some level.  I remember the very first time I went home.  I had arrived from a red eye flight from Hawaii in the middle of January.  I hadn’t seen the main land in about five months and I was in no mood to deal with the cold weather.  The place  seemed so foreign then.  It was hard to attack the jet lag in a place that wasn’t home.  At least not any home that I knew.  I loathed the first year there.  I hated Boston, I hated the city life, I just plain hated.  I wanted no part of it.  (To some extent I feel the same way about Boston today.)


Fast forward about four years later.  I hated the thought of moving to New York.  I didn’t mind the moving.  It was the leaving my home in Boston. It was my home.  It was the place where I had all my things that mattered to me. How could I sleep anywhere else?  New Yorkers don’t sleep.  They disco nap.  How would I survive? This home was so good to me. She took care of me and never let me down.  


Fast forward about another four years later. I cannot believe last night was my last night.  My last night!  I got home from UC’s around midnight and to be honest, I crashed.  It was weird doing things for the last time there.  My perfect shower, my perfect closet, my semi-charmed life. Going, going, gone!


I’ve decided that change sucks.  Who likes change?  I personally do not.  We cannot go back in time though.  So, I hold my head high. With much love I am saying “goodbye” to Main Street and “hello” to my new home by the sea.  I hope Main remembers to write and leave a light on once in a while. 


Sicky McGermypants

March 29, 2006

Totally me

Your glorious President and Supreme Dictator for Life is sick as a dog,  and may not post anything today or most of tomorrow.  I’ll be fine, but will need some rest.  I’ll be back soon, so you might want to stock up on duct tape and canned tuna.  That is all.  Return to your normal lives!  Nothing to see here!  Move along!

Cough on me, daddy!

March 23, 2006

Here’s a little story to warm the heart of those of us who work with the poor. Specifically, the chronically-coughing poor who walk by my office door on the way to the restroom.

In all seriousness, the emergence of drug-resistant strains of stuff like TB and staph scares the crap out of me. It gets treated like just another story for the “Health” section of the newspaper, but it seems to me to suggest one possible future in which humanity is returned to the condition in which we have lived for most of our history: at the mercy of the tiny organisms all around us, and able to be killed by the tiniest breaks in the skin. I suppose some sort of pharmaceutical breakthrough is possible, and antibiotics may simply keep pace with microbial adaptation. But it seems to me that there is nothing to guarantee that, and a powerful enough strain of a disease like TB – something transmitted by coughing or physical contact – could very quickly become a world-wide catastrophe.

So. Have a great day!

Flames! Flames on the side of my face!

March 15, 2006

So.  Russ Feingold (one of very few senators who are not only not repulsive, but actually kind of hot) stood up and said what well over half of America thinks: that W is a fucktard who needs to be severely spanked for his many, blatant, obvious and admitted misdeeds.

Here’s how the rest of our vaunted Democratic leadership are standing up to ol’ George “l’Etat, c’est moi” Bush (as reported by Dana Milbank in the WaPo):

“I haven’t read it,” demurred Barack Obama (Ill.).

“I just don’t have enough information,” protested Ben Nelson (Neb.). “I really can’t right now,” John Kerry (Mass.) said as he hurried past a knot of reporters — an excuse that fell apart when Kerry was forced into an awkward wait as Capitol Police stopped an aide at the magnetometer.

So nonplused were Democrats that even Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), known for his near-daily news conferences, made history by declaring, “I’m not going to comment.” Would he have a comment later? “I dunno,” the suddenly shy senator said.

Republicans were grateful for the gift. The office of Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.) put a new “daily feature” on its Web site monitoring the censure resolution: “Democrat co-sponsors of Feingold Resolution: 0.”

Five Democratic senators called a news conference yesterday to talk about the Bush budget’s “dangerously irresponsible priorities” — but three of them fled the room before allowing questions. The other two were stuck.

“Was it a good idea for Senator Feingold to bring up this resolution?” came the first question, from CNN’s Ed Henry.

“He brings up some very important issues,” Debbie Stabenow (Mich.) ventured.

Henry was unsatisfied. “So do you support censure, or not?

Stabenow took another stab. “It needs to have hearings,” she said.

Mary Landrieu (La.) pursed her lips. “Senator Feingold has a point that he wants to make,” she said. “We have a point that we want to make, talking about the budget.”

“Senators,” an aide interrupted, “we need to go.”

Feingold, seeking liberals’ support for the 2008 presidential nomination, said he wasn’t motivated by politics. But then he slipped. “If there’s any Democrat out there who can’t say . . . the president has no right to make up his own laws, I don’t know if that Democrat really is the right candidate,” he said of his likely primary opponents.

“Most of us feel at best it’s premature,” announced Sen. Christopher Dodd (Conn.). “I don’t think anyone can say with any certainty at this juncture that what happened is illegal.”

Reporters, as instructed, asked Reid where he stood. “It’s a question that’s been asked 33 times in the last few hours,” he said. “And so, for the 34th time, I’m going to say the same thing: I’m going to wait.”


Res Publica explains how he feels about the Senate Democrats

 I hate them so much, it, it the, it FLAMES, flames….FLAMES on the side of my face, breathing…breathing, heaving breaths….

(Click here to hear my commentary)

So to summarize:  For my birthday this year, the Democratic party got me another unlubricated fucking-over!  Thanks!  You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to waste my vote on one of you choads in ’08!  Assholes. 

I mean really, what would it take?  W could declare martial law and select random LGF commentors to be Metropolitan Commanders for every city in America, and these cocks would want to wait for the investigation that’s not ever going to happen to be completed before they think about maybe having an opinion.  

Although I think it beyond obvious that Chimpy did in point of fact violate FISA, that’s really not the point.  The point is that he has publically stated that he doesn’t have to obey the law if he doesn’t find it convenient.  What is a dictator if not a chief executive who is bound by no laws?  The list of things it’s illegal for Americans to do gets longer and longer every day.  The list of stuff the President thinks he can do regardless of what the law says seems to be pretty long already.  This is not cute or funny any more.  This nation has become a very frightening place.  This is not a game.  Why can’t the Senate Democrats see that Chimpy and his GOP buddies have pretty much done every single thing that they’ve wanted to do since he first got elected.  This play-nice strategy the dems have pursued  has had no impact on the course of events whatsoever.  They tell us that they’re afraid they’ll lose their seats, but what they don’t get is that in the current political environment, their presence in DC doesn’t make any difference at all in terms of legislative outcomes.  The way the GOP leadership runs things, the Congress might as well be 100% Republican.  So, if the Dems won’t at least speak up and fight back, why should any of us care in the LEAST if they get relected or not?

Two thirds of Americans can see this guy for what he is: a complete turd.  Why won’t the Democrats stop saying that he’s really a gold nugget that just needs a little polishing?

Hat tip to Shakespeare’s Sister, Firedoglake, and Agitprop, three of the best blogs in this whole bloggy blogoswamp.

Rehmed Again

March 15, 2006

On today’s show: Can Diane Rehm ever discuss anything without having some tool from the American Enterprise Institute or the Cato Institute as a guest? We’ll discuss this issue with Tooly McMouthpiece of the American Enterprise Institute, Ima Wingnut of the Cato Institute, and some former aging former cheerleader who’s the Senior White House Correspondent and Chief Television Critic for the Washington Post. All this plus your adoring and ill-informed calls, after this news!

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