Did Hell Freeze Over When I Wasn’t Looking?

August 22, 2006

That’s the only way that I can think to explain this.  And I totally missed this a couple of months ago.  I’m waiting for the right-wing nut job religious fanatics to start protesting this and organizing a boycott of Wally World.  Not because of all the other horrible shit that they do, but because now they’re going to be involved with Teh Gays.


Male = Pig!

August 21, 2006


AG is meeting with a new client today. It’s a great client in the sunshine state. He’s a nice Jewish boy (UC should worry) who treats elderly cardiac patients. While instructing the nursing staff on data capture, a male patient of about 65 years strolls by AG’s office. The nurse says,

“Where are you going?”

Patient replies:

“To check out the blonde.”

Sorry, don’t care if you are dying this very moment or you’re old or you think it’s a compliment or whatever goes through your pea brain. You are not excused for calling AG “the blonde” or for checking her out, you pig!

This is the final straw. AG is off men! UC, I am going to leave you for a cute little lipstick lesbian who sports a perky smile.

Good Morning, Sunshine

August 19, 2006


It’s been a long time since AG has been to a movie where she laughed, she cried, clapped and she thought it was worth the $10.50 they steal from the poor to support the Hollywood elite. OK, AG didn’t pay that much because after all, AG loves a bargain and had discounted passes. Coupons are a way of giving the establishment the middle finger. But we digress…

AG and UC saw Little Miss Sunshine tonight. It is a moving and laugh out loud story of a dysfunctional family that like many others want only for their children to be happy. The plot revolves around 7-year-old, Olive Hoover, a chubby and precocious child who is afforded an opportunity to be in the Miss Sunshine Contest in Redondo Beach, California. Her family who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico must drive her there. However, her supportive mother who holds the family together must talk her failing motivational speaker father into driving the stick shift 1970s VW van to California in two days. Along for the ride is her brother, Dwayne, who has taken a vow of silence for Nietzsche while he sports a clever t-shirt about Jesus, riding alongside of coke head grandfather who instructs Dwayne to “fuck a lot of women while he’s still young”. Riding next to Olive is Uncle Frank who cannot be left alone because he tried to commit suicide after losing his title of ‘Foremost Proust Scholar’ to his colleague and boyfriend stealer. What transpires along the road trip is a story of love, family, life and loss. It is a four out of four star movie.

It’s worth going to see on the big screen to laugh along with others.

Question #2

August 18, 2006

Honest answer again, please:

When does one change the sheets in one’s spare bedroom?

A. After each guest leaves and before the next arrive
B. After two unrelated guests have slept on the bed
C. Never, it’s all about the global warming and free love
D. Spare bedroom? AG, the maid does that.

Seriously, AG needs to take this one to a vote.

Question #1

August 18, 2006


Not wanting to get that dork, Greg Bernhadt involved with his even dorkier book, can AG get an honest answer on this:

When a man is sitting next to his lover on the subway and he sees another women in a green Lacoste dress, what does he really mean when he says to said lover

“That’s a nice dress.”

And more importantly,

Would the men on this blog actually say that to their lovers? (For those who have lovers who don’t wear dresses, we’ll take your responses too just substitute for leather chaps.)

Kosovo actually gets remembered

August 18, 2006


With Israel, Iran and Iraq grabbing the spotlight these days, we’ve forgotten about Kosovo. What we hear about it is usually about as clear as the words in the video. (First part of video may NOT be safe for viewing at work.)

Dink passed along the editorial below. He and the wife are living in Kosovo. They are working for an NGO implementing peace and democracy in the region. That’s a comfy job that will be steady work for years to come.

New York Times:
Navigating Kosovo’s Future
Published: August 18, 2006

The 1999 war over Kosovo left the former Serbian province in political
limbo, postponing the question of possible independence for another
day. That day is now at hand, and the main question facing the
international community is not whether Kosovo will become independent,
but when and how. Status talks are expected to conclude in the next
few months, with the United Nations Security Council to rule on the
issue by the end of the year.

The original plan was for Kosovo’s political leaders to demonstrate
their ability to govern responsibly before formal discussions of
sovereignty could begin. They haven’t really done so, although they
have made some grudging moves under international pressure.

Yet as a practical matter, Kosovo’s international wardship cannot be
extended indefinitely. The most promising way to encourage further
progress is by moving ahead to a carefully conditioned form of limited

The most critical issue, now as ever, is guaranteeing the rights of
the ethnic Serb minority. Any independence arrangement will have to
assure minorities a substantial role in government, particularly in
sensitive areas like the Justice Ministry.

For the first few years at least, the powers of Kosovo’s new
government must be strictly limited. An international authority will
have to monitor the government’s fulfillment of internationally agreed
conditions, paying special attention to issues like the rule of law
and minority rights. A few thousand NATO-led troops should remain in
Kosovo with the power to intervene when necessary to compel

Most of the countries with troops in Kosovo would prefer to bring them
home now. But Kosovo’s march toward independence is going to remain
difficult and dangerous for years. The need for a continuing armed
international presence should be non-negotiable.

Margarita Pour-Off

August 18, 2006

If it wasn’t so hot, I’d be inclined to maybe go try a few of the samples at the Margarita Pour-Off this weekend.


But what’s up with places like La Fogata, Tomatillo’s, La Margarita, Rosario’s, and Chacho’s not competing??

Maybe it’s not worth calling in sick to work and going after all.


August 16, 2006

I ordered Chinese take-out for dinner tonight.  I got two fortune cookies.  Here is what they said:

“Your lucky SAT answers are: a, c, d, a, b, b, c”


“Don’t give in to cynicism.”

The dumplings were delicious!


August 16, 2006

Tucker Carlson is going to be on Dancing with the Stars?  I wonder if he’ll be wearing his red bow tie?  And I hope that he goes home before Jerry Springer.  Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!

CSN and Y!

August 15, 2006


We’re going to see them tonight. AG has seen CSN, but never with Y. The show should be fantastic. When AG went to the CSN show about ten years ago, two pallets of liquor were brought backstage. Maybe we’ll get invited to the after show Jack and more Jack party. We can only hope.