Happy Blog-a-versary!

Ratboy is one today and that means naked pool party at RoD! It’s a birthday fiesta. Round up the cowboys!

Everybody into the pool. We expect more illicit behaviors then the Running of the Bulls 2005/3Bulls! Gone Wild.

Boys, wet banana hammock party starts at 4 PM.

Girls, no tops in the hot tub. Naked boxing tryouts are at 2 PM sharp.

PupH: Extra Chopin and no, repeat, NO Cuba Libres! (We miss Gregor and man will he be sad about missing the shin dig)!

UC: Sweet Pea, please make sure the Village People are blaring and the shrimp is on the barbie. Please do not serve us any of your bottle caps or that horrible hot and sour soup that is pure toxic evil in a bowl.

Res Publica: Get your bolus full of junk on the dance floor because we miss you godammit!

Blue Girl is baking the cake and if we are extra lucky, Sean S. and Brian-the-cobag will not be jumping out of the cake but the lovely and talented Uma will for Lance M. to get all jiggy with her.


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